5 Threats To The Global Economy In 2022

5 Threats To The Global Economy In 2022

Andrew H. Sweet

Vaccine-resistant COVID Variants
Omicron might not be the curveball to throw the economic recovery off track, but a future variant could potentially be one such risk.

Supply Chain Bottlenecks
While there are signs that supply shortages are easing with a drop in shipping costs and a rise in chip exports, experts expect the supply bottlenecks to continue weighing on growth well into next year.

Soaring Inflation
With supply chain disruptions proving to be more persistent than earlier thought, inflation is expected to continue running hot for most months of 2022.

China Crackdown
Beijing is reluctant to drop its "zero-COVID" stance, which has kept the country isolated for more than a year and has led to draconian restrictions.

Geopolitical Tensions
US-China relations have also been tense over Taiwan, with Washington warning Beijing against unilaterally changing the status quo over the island territory.

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