Afghan Entrepreneur's E-Commerce App Pivots To Help During Crisis

Afghan Entrepreneur's E-Commerce App Pivots To Help During Crisis

Andrew H. Sweet

Nasrat Khalid has been fascinated with technology and the internet ever since he was a child. Growing up as a refugee in Pakistan in the 1990s, he taught himself how to code at a very young age with the encouragement of his parents, who launched refugee schools for thousands of Afghan families like theirs.

In 2018, he (Nasrit Khalid) made that dream a reality using $175,000 in savings and loans from family and friends to launch the internet platform Aseel.

The Etsy-style e-commerce site enables rural artisans to set their prices and directly sell their handmade jewelry, carpets, and pottery to customers worldwide.

Khalid and his 20 colleagues updated Aseel's app and platform so that anyone in the world can use it to donate emergency aid packages to Afghans in need, then recruited community volunteers to directly assist with distributing the packages and building partnerships with other donors.

So far, the company has distributed more than 3,000 emergency food and shelter packages in Kabul province.

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