Aid Groups Warn Time Running Out In Conflict-Hit Tigray

Aid Groups Warn Time Running Out In Conflict-Hit Tigray

Humanitarian agencies say they are struggling to reach people in need in the conflict-hit Ethiopian region, warning of 'drastic' deterioration unless things change.

Andrew H. Sweet

Eritrea, whose troops have been accused of carrying out some of the worst abuses during the conflict, has not commented since the Ethiopian government's announcement.

Electricity and telecommunications remain largely cut off across Tigray, making the work of humanitarian groups more challenging, just as the region of some six million people faces the worst famine crisis globally in a decade.

To make matters worse, the International Rescue Committee said on Thursday a bridge over the Tekeze River near the town of Shire in northern Tigray had been destroyed.

According to the United Nations, more than 350,000 people in Tigray are facing famine conditions due to "catastrophic" food shortages, with another five million needing immediate food aid.

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