Are Pakistan And The Afghan Taliban Drifting Apart?

Are Pakistan And The Afghan Taliban Drifting Apart?

Andrew H. Sweet

In late September, a little over a month after taking control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, Taliban fighters stopped a Pakistani truck at the Torkham border crossing and removed the country's flag from it.

Another issue is the Taliban's refusal to recognize the Durand Line as a permanent border separating the Pashtun-majority areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, raising eyebrows in Islamabad.

As well as the Durand Line, Senior Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Salem Zaeef, acting Afghan Defense Minister Mullah Yaqoob, and many other Taliban leaders are not pleased with Pakistan's backing of members of the Haqqani Network.

And Despite Islamabad's historic good ties with the Taliban, many Afghans see Pakistan as a country that interferes in their domestic affairs.

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