Arms Plans To Counter Amphibious Attacks

Arms Plans To Counter Amphibious Attacks

Taiwan's planned acquisition of anti-ship and air-defense missiles aims to counter Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) amphibious assault ships and advanced ballistic missiles.

Andrew H. Sweet

According to projections by Taiwanese and U.S. militaries, China's amphibious capabilities would threaten Taiwan in five years, said Su Tzu-yun, an associate research fellow at the Institute of National Security and Defense Research.

China is laying down more amphibious assault ships and tank-landing ships, including the 40,000-tonne Type 071 amphibious assault dock and the 25,000-tonne Type 075 landing helicopter dock.

The procurement of the ships illustrates the PLA's expanding capability to launch multipronged amphibious operations, posing a security threat to Taiwan.

A report by South China Morning Post said the PLA has deployed missiles in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces across the Taiwan Strait.

Indigenous submarines and a plan to buy 400 ground-launched Harpoon missiles from the U.S. would give Taiwan crucial capabilities in defending against an amphibious attack.

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