Asean Envoys Meet Myanmar Junta

Asean Envoys Meet Myanmar Junta

Representatives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations met with Myanmar's junta leader six weeks after an emergency regional summit on the coup.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • The meeting received a cool response from members of Myanmar's opposition shadow government. The National Unity Government said at a rare online news conference that ASEAN should meet with them as well, not just the military.
  • The appointment of an ASEAN envoy was one of five points agreed at the regional summit in Jakarta in April, which Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing attended over the objection of opponents who said the invitation legitimized his power grab.
  • The Jakarta summit also reached an agreement to immediately end the violence and start a dialogue between the contending parties with the help of the special envoy.
  • In recent weeks, civilian armed groups have appeared in several regions of the country, often using homemade weapons or old hunting rifles to engage the army and police, with some success.

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