Beijing Stoking Discontent With Negative News Spin

Beijing Stoking Discontent With Negative News Spin

Beijing is ramping up its cognitive warfare by aggregating negative news reports to stoke public discontent toward the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Chinese state-run media aggregates Taiwanese reports assailing the government’s pandemic policy — such as vaccine procurement, distribution, and protection of local vaccine producers — and spins them to create a misleading narrative of public discontent, officials said on condition of anonymity.
  • It then disseminates these reports on popular sites, with sensational headlines to improve their credibility and virality, they added.
  • China National Radio last week aired a report that the Democratic Progressive Party government has been “selective” in its crackdown on misinformation to suppress news unfavorable to itself.
  • The state-run radio claimed that the government has only focused on clarifying negative stories about its handling of the pandemic while turning a blind eye to its problems with the pandemic and vaccine procurement response.

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