Belarus: Hundreds Join Global Solidarity Protests

Belarus: Hundreds Join Global Solidarity Protests

Hundreds of people in Poland and Lithuania gathered for protests to show support for the opposition in neighboring Belarus.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • The crowd at the Warsaw rally waved the Belarusian opposition's red and white flag, and held signs that read 'Help Belarus' and 'Freedom for Belarus.'
  • Tikhanovskaya and several hundred protesters marched to the Belarusian embassy in the city.
  • A similar demonstration also took place in Berlin, while dozens of countries, including Ukraine, Ireland, and the Netherlands, saw smaller protests.
  • Meanwhile, talks in Russia between President Vladimir Putin and Mr. Lukashenko continued for a second day.
  • Putin later confirmed Russia would move ahead with a second $500m (£352m) loan to Belarus next month.

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