Calls For Lukashenko To Face International Tribunal

Calls For Lukashenko To Face International Tribunal

Andrew H. Sweet

According to Eamon Gilmore, the E.U.'s Special Representative for Human Rights, setting up an international tribunal to investigate crimes in Belarus would be possible, "where the state itself is either unwilling or unable to act and to bring these people to justice."

The E.U. has already imposed a raft of sanctions against Belarus. The sanctions started after the elections of August 2020  —  a vote the E.U. does not consider free and fair.

At the end of June, the E.U. also imposed economic sanctions, including a ban on Belarus accessing E.U. capital markets and limiting E.U. imports of potash — a lucrative Belarus export.

Also, 166 senior Belarus figures are currently subject to restrictive measures such as asset freezes and travel bans.

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