Can The Three-Child Policy Solve China's Demographic Crisis?

Can The Three-Child Policy Solve China's Demographic Crisis?

Many Chinese women remain critical of the government's attempt to reverse the result of its decades-long family planning policy.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Before introducing the three-child policy, China strictly carried out the one-child policy for decades before relaxing it in late 2015 by implementing the two-child policy.
  • The measure didn't help to boost the fertility rate in the country significantly. Recent data shows that China's fertility rate in 2020 was 1.3 children per woman, making it on par with other aging societies like Japan and Italy.
  • Some women in China view the three-child policy as a remedy that goes in a different direction from their own family planning blueprint.
  • Other women highlighted the high cost of raising children in major cities in China as another reason why they won't consider complying with the government's three-child policy.
  • Some think the Chinese government is now getting a taste of its own medicine after enforcing strict family planning policies for decades.

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