Canada Election: Trudeau Calls Snap Summer Campaign

Canada Election: Trudeau Calls Snap Summer Campaign

Andrew H. Sweet

The leader of the centrist Liberals said a general election was necessary so voters have a voice on the path forward at a "pivotal moment."

Opposition parties criticized the Liberals for calling a five-week-long campaign during the pandemic's latest wave simply for "political gain."

In their recent surveys, about 46% of Canadians say they believe the country is heading in the right direction - the highest it's been in about five years.

The global coronavirus pandemic is sure to dominate the campaign, as it has much of Mr. Trudeau's second term. Over 25.000 Canadians have died from Covid, but the country fared better than others, such as the U.S.

Polls indicate that Trudeau's minority Liberal government looks within reach of forming a majority.

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