China Conducts 'Taiwan Invasion' Military Drills Amid Rise In Tensions

China Conducts 'Taiwan Invasion' Military Drills Amid Rise In Tensions

Amid rising tensions over Taiwan and the South China Sea, China has released videos of military drills that appear to simulate a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • The drills featured the Type 075, a 40,000-tonne amphibious warship capable of carrying up to 30 helicopters and nearly 1,000 personnel, according to
  • The videos were released in response to joint military exercises conducted by the United States, Japan, Australia, and France.
  • According to Chinese military expert Song Zhongping, the PLA focuses its combat training on preparing for a possible war over Taiwan.
  • "Many on the island of Taiwan and foreign countries have long believed that the Chinese mainland lacks what it takes to organize a proper large-scale, joint amphibious landing operation on the island due to the high complexity of this type of mission," a Chinese military official told the state-run Global Times.

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