China To Require Foreign Vessels To Report In 'Territorial Waters'

China To Require Foreign Vessels To Report In 'Territorial Waters'

Andrew H. Sweet

Over $5 trillion trade passes through the South China Sea, and 55% of India's trade pass through its waters and the Malacca Straits, according to estimates by India's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Any vessel deemed to "endanger the maritime traffic safety of China" will also be required to report its information, which would include their name, call sign, current position, next port of call, and the estimated time of arrival. The vessels will also have to submit information on the nature of goods and cargo dead weight.

How China will enforce these rules remains to be seen, and in which waters of the sea. Indian commercial vessels, as well as ships of the Indian Navy, regularly traverse the waters of the South China Sea, through which pass key international sea lanes.

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