Chinese City Locks Down An Area Amid Virus Surge

Chinese City Locks Down An Area Amid Virus Surge

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou shut down a neighborhood and ordered its residents to stay home for door-to-door coronavirus testing following an upsurge in infections that have rattled authorities.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Guangzhou, a business and industrial center of 15 million people, has reported 20 new infections over the past week.
  • The number is small compared with India's thousands of daily cases but alarmed Chinese authorities who believed they had the disease under control.
  • China reports a handful of new cases every day but says almost all are believed to be people who were infected abroad. The mainland's official death toll stands at 4,636 out of 91,061 confirmed cases.
  • The National Health Commission reported two new locally transmitted cases in Guangzhou and 14 in other parts of the country that it said came from abroad.

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