Climate Change Dominates Norway Election

Climate Change Dominates Norway Election

Andrew H. Sweet

Norway has the largest proponents of green solutions such as electric cars and carbon capture storage: seven in 10 new vehicles sold last month in Norway were fully electric.

But the country also has a massive sovereign wealth fund accumulated on the back of oil and gas output.

Since August's publication of the U.N. climate report (IPPC), climate change has been a top issue, with left and green parties seeing poll numbers climb.

However, with three possible premier candidates – Erna Solberg of the Conservative Party, Jonas Gahr Stoere of the Labour Party, and Trygve Slagsvold Vedum of the Centre Party – all favoring continued oil drilling, there appears little chance of the environmental lobby calling time on an industry that accounts for 42% of national exports and employs approximately 160,000 people.


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