‘Country Has No Future’: Iraqi Protester Killed At Baghdad Rally

‘Country Has No Future’: Iraqi Protester Killed At Baghdad Rally

Demonstrators take to the streets to demand those responsible for the killing of 600 protesters be held to account.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • What kicked off as a hopeful wave of demonstrations in Tahrir Square saw tensions brew throughout the day and violence between protesters and security forces erupt early evening. One demonstrator has been shot dead, and dozens injured at the rally.
  • Videos shared on social media showed tear gas, live fire, and chaos reminiscent of October 2019 when the nationwide social uprising first began and several protesters were shot dead by security forces.
  • Since then, almost 600 demonstrators have been killed, and 35 activists have died in 82 targeted killings, according to the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights (IHCHR)
  • The perpetrators have yet to be identified, but activists and demonstrators point the finger at Iraq’s rogue Iran-backed militias, whose presence demonstrators have called out.
  • The ongoing killings and attacks on activists and journalists have sparked calls to boycott October’s parliamentary elections.

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