COVID-19: Officials See 'Political Warfare' In Vaccine Dispute

COVID-19: Officials See 'Political Warfare' In Vaccine Dispute

An official said that Beijing was engaged in political warfare to split and weaken Taiwan and did not have a real intention to offer any vaccines.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Taiwan and China have embarked on a war of words about vaccines, as the medical system in Taiwan faces pressure amid an outbreak with only about 1 percent of the population of more than 23 million vaccinated.
  • Taiwan says China blocked it from getting vaccines produced by Germany's BioNTech. While China says, it is happy to send a supply of that vaccine via its Chinese sales agent, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co.
  • A senior Taiwan official said that China had not used an existing channel to discuss medical issues, which has been used to exchange information on COVID-19 cases, to address the vaccine question.
  • However, Taiwan will not take the vaccines from Fosun, saying that there is a lack of transparency and that China refuses to provide relevant information.

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