Eritrea Blames The U.S. For ‘Destablisation’ In Ethiopia’s Tigray

Eritrea Blames The U.S. For ‘Destablisation’ In Ethiopia’s Tigray

Eritrea's foreign minister accuses Biden administration of 'stoking further conflict and 'destabilization' in Ethiopia's north.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • He blamed the U.S. administrations that supported the Tigray People's Liberation Movement (TPLF) for the last 20 years for the current conflict in northern Ethiopia's Tigray region and that blaming Eritrea for the fighting was unfounded.
  • The TPLF led the coalition that ruled Ethiopia for nearly 30 years until Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed rose to power in 2018. He alienated the TPLF by making peace with long-time foes Eritrea as soon as he took office.
  • Last November, Abiy sent troops into the region to detain and disarm the TPLF leaders, saying it was in response to the group's attacks on federal army camps.
  • Though he promised military operations would be brief, nearly seven months later, fighting continues, reports of atrocities are increasing, and world leaders warn of a humanitarian catastrophe.
  • The UN warned that famine was imminent in Tigray and Ethiopia's north, saying there was a risk that hundreds of thousands of people would die.

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