Ethiopian Military Loots UNICEF Office In Tigray Capital

Ethiopian Military Loots UNICEF Office In Tigray Capital

Ethiopia's military reportedly broke into a UNICEF office in Tigray capital of Mekele -- confiscating satellite equipment described as much-needed to carry out humanitarian work.

Andrew H. Sweet

Victor Chinyama, UNICEF's Ethiopia Chief of Communications, described the current state of affairs on the ground. "Members of the Ethiopian military entered our office premises in Mekele, where we've had an office since before the conflict began, and confiscated our satellite equipment, which we have yet to recover."

UNICEF, the UN, and the WHO have confirmed that their staff are safe and warned of phone lines being down and a lack of electricity -- making it difficult for the bodies to execute their humanitarian efforts in Tigray.

Eritrean soldiers, accused by witnesses of some of the war's worst atrocities, left the towns of Shire, Axum, and Adwa. Still, it was not immediately clear whether they had left other communities.

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