Ethiopians Set To Vote In Crunch Polls Amid Conflict And Apathy

Ethiopians Set To Vote In Crunch Polls Amid Conflict And Apathy

Long-awaited elections due to take place on June 21, but voting will not go ahead in about one-fifth of constituencies due to logistical and security concerns.

Andrew H. Sweet

The youth from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, Oromos, who make up about 35 percent of the country’s estimated 110-plus million people, were at the forefront of two-and-half years of anti-government protests that brought Abiy to power in April 2018.

However, Abiy has since fallen out with many of the leaders of the Oromo youth movement.

An analyst in Addis Ababa says the polls will happen amid rising COVID-19 cases and locust invasions, as well as “an economy that is in tatters and conflict in Tigray region which has left the region fully humanitarian-aid dependent.”

Acknowledging the security and logistical challenges facing various parts of Ethiopia, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) disclosed earlier this month that voting will not take place in nearly one-fifth of Ethiopia’s 547 poll constituencies.

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