EU Must Be 'More Robust And Resilient' Against Russian Attempts To Undermine It

EU Must Be 'More Robust And Resilient' Against Russian Attempts To Undermine It

The bloc's top diplomat, Josep Borrell, presented the Commission's proposed policy options on EU-Russia relations entitled "Push back, constrain and engage."

Andrew H. Sweet
  • He said that "the deliberate policy choices of the Russian government over the last years have created a negative spiral in our relations." He warned that the EU "needs to be realistic and prepare for a further downturn of our relations with Russia, which are right now at the lowest level."
  • The EU plans to more systematically push back against human rights violations and defend democratic values; to continue to raise Russia's consistent breaches of international law in Ukraine, Georgia, and elsewhere; to reaffirm its support to Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence; and reaffirm its support to the Russian civil society.
  • Presenting a united front is critical, Borrell said, acknowledging that at the moment, "Russia is not interested in engaging with the EU and it prefers to do directly and talk to member states" to secure bilateral deals.
  • It would also require the EU to further develop its cybersecurity and defense capacity and its strategic communications to defend itself against cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns originating from Russia.

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