Europe's Households Face Surging Gas Bills

Europe's Households Face Surging Gas Bills

Andrew H. Sweet

Around 310,000 households face an 11.5 percent increase in their gas bills in Germany, piling an extra €172 to a typical €1,516 annual cost.

Imports cover more than two-thirds of Italy's energy needs. Rome plans to introduce €3 billion in short-term measures to cut consumer prices.

Spanish consumers have seen a 35 percent hike in their power bills over the past year. However, Spain's Socialist-led coalition government said it plans to impose a temporary windfall tax on the excess profits of energy companies. Madrid expects to redirect €2.6 billion to consumers and cap increases in gas prices.

In the UK, wholesale gas prices have surged 250 percent since January, with six of the countries' roughly 40 energy suppliers going bust. France has already announced a €100 subsidy for almost six million low-income households.


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