France-Africa Summit Aims To Counter COVID's Economic Impact

France-Africa Summit Aims To Counter COVID's Economic Impact

France is due to hold a summit for selected African heads of state to spur economic growth in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts differ on the guest list and conference expectations citing reality on the ground.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • The summit's primary goal is to 'give a big boost' to countries hit by COVID-19. To this end, some Africans think it offers excellent prospects for the continent.
  • There are more pressing issues affecting the continent, which the current conference does not address. There is no clear indication as to whether the summit will be discussing some of the broad political, social, and governance issues raised by human rights activists.
  • "The IMF will be there but not WHO. It is obvious COVID is not the priority," French parliamentarian Nadot said.
  • Many commentators have highlighted that the new scramble for Africa is well underway. According to Nadot, this summit is about the flexing of muscles by the world powers.

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