Global Scolding Of China For Lithuania Retaliation

Global Scolding Of China For Lithuania Retaliation

Andrew H. Sweet

The lawmakers, including U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, British Member of Parliament Tom Tugendhat, and their counterparts from France, Germany, and other countries, said they "strongly condemn" Beijing's political, diplomatic, and economic pressure on the Baltic state.

Lithuania's decision to withdraw from China's "17+1 forum" of central and eastern European nations, as well as its intention to deepen its ties with Taiwan, are "similar to the sovereign decisions taken by other states," it said.

The lawmakers' statement comes as China has sought to impose a political cost on Lithuania for its decision to establish mutual representative offices with Taiwan following months of warming ties between the countries.

Beijing has specifically objected to the planned use of the word "Taiwan" rather than "Taipei" in the name of the representative office, which it sees as having sovereignty implications.

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