Has The Fountain Of Youth Been In Our Blood All Along?

Has The Fountain Of Youth Been In Our Blood All Along?

Andrew H. Sweet

Labs at Stanford and Harvard have shown that old ones heal faster, move quicker, think better, and remember more when infused with blood from young mice.

The experiments reverse almost every indicator of aging the teams have probed so far: fixes signs of heart failure, improves bone healing, regrows pancreatic cells, and speeds spinal cord repair.

These studies, which use a peculiar surgical method called parabiosis that turns mice into literal blood brothers, show that aging is not inevitable. It is not time's arrow. It's biology, and therefore something we could theoretically change.

Blood itself will not become a treatment for old age. It's too messy, too complicated, too dangerous. But because of these labs' findings, we know that somewhere swirling around in young veins are signals that awaken the natural mechanisms to repair and restore the body.

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