Hong Kong Holds First Polls Under "Patriots-Only" Electoral System

Hong Kong Holds First Polls Under "Patriots-Only" Electoral System

Andrew H. Sweet

Nearly 5,000 voters representing different professions and industries cast their ballots to fill around 300 seats on the revamped Election Committee, which has been expanded to 1,500 members, of whom most have already been chosen.

In 2016, Hong Kong's pro-democracy camp secured 325 seats in the Election Committee, capturing over a quarter of the 1,200 seats and winning all the seats in six professional sectors.

However, this year, there are only two opposition members left in the race, leading critics to accuse the government of censoring opposition voices.

In an official blog entry, Hong Kong's Chief Secretary John Lee on Saturday described the election as bearing "special significance" as an important step in implementing the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong."

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