Hong Kongers Get Creative For Tiananmen Vigil

Hong Kongers Get Creative For Tiananmen Vigil

Hong Kongers are seeking innovative ways to commemorate China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre victims after authorities banned an annual vigil and vowed to stamp out any protests on the anniversary.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Discussion of tanks and troops quelling democracy protesters in Beijing on June 4, 1989, is all but forbidden in mainland China.
  • In Hong Kong, the date has been remembered with huge candlelight vigils in Victoria Park for three decades.
  • Last year’s vigil was banned for the first time because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but thousands of people defied the police and rallied anyway.
  • This year’s vigil has been banned again, ostensibly because of the pandemic. So Hong Kongers are getting creative.
  • Local artist Kacey Wong has collected hundreds of spent candle stubs from previous vigils and plans to give them to residents “so they can collect them, preserve them and put them in a safe place.” Wong has previously turned the candles into artwork.
  • A vigil organizer, former Hong Kong legislator Albert Ho - serving a prison term- said that Hong Kongers could light candles or shine mobile phone lights in their local neighborhoods.

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