Iran Says UN Watchdog Can No Longer Access Nuclear Data

Iran Says UN Watchdog Can No Longer Access Nuclear Data

The IAEA will not be able to monitor Iran's nuclear activity after the end of a three-month arrangement. The development comes as world powers continue to make attempts at restoring the 2015 nuclear deal.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Tehran's parliament speaker said a three-month monitoring deal between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expired.
  • As part of the arrangement, the IAEA could gather and analyze "hundreds of thousands of images captured daily by its sophisticated surveillance cameras."
  • In December, Iran's parliament passed a bill that would suspend part of UN inspections of its nuclear facilities if European signatories did not provide sanctions relief on its oil and banking sectors by February.
  • The expiration of the arrangement means the UN watchdog will no longer have access to Iran's nuclear data held at atomic sites across the country.

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