Iraq Militia Commander Arrested Under ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Law

Iraq Militia Commander Arrested Under ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Law

Military says Qasim Muslih, Anbar head of the Popular Mobilisation Forces, has been arrested.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Two security sources with direct knowledge of the arrest told Reuters news agency that the militia chief was arrested in Baghdad for involvement in several attacks, including recent assaults on Ain al-Assad air base, which hosts American and other international forces.
  • Muslih is the Anbar province head of the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), a grouping of mostly Shia militias backed by Iran, which the United States regards as the biggest threat to security in the Middle East.
  • The airbase was attacked at least four times this month with rockets and an unmanned aerial surveillance system, in incidents seen by many Iraqis as reflecting US-Iranian tensions.
  • But a security source told the AFP news agency his arrest was in connection with the killing of two civil society activists in recent weeks.
  • Anti-government campaigner Wazni was shot dead outside his home by men on motorbikes in the holy shrine city of Karbala, sending protest movement supporters onto the streets.
  • Killings, attempted murder, and abductions have targeted more than 70 activists since a protest movement erupted against government corruption and incompetence in 2019.

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