Israel Approves Resumption Of Qatar Aid To Gaza

Israel Approves Resumption Of Qatar Aid To Gaza

Andrew H. Sweet

Aid disbursement after the May fighting has been held up in part by a dispute with Israel about Hamas and a debate about how to prevent the group from accessing such funds.

Hamas, the Palestinian group which governs Gaza, has pledged not to touch the donor money, which has emerged as a key issue in Egypt-mediated talks following a May 21 truce that mostly halted hostilities.

Under the new mechanism, aid from Qatar "will be transferred to hundreds of thousands of Gazan people by the UN directly to their bank accounts, with Israel overseeing the recipients," Gantz said in a statement.

Israel has blocked the payments, insisting on safeguards that none of the money will reach Hamas. Under the system before the war, some $30m in cash was delivered in suitcases to Gaza each month through an Israeli-controlled crossing.

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