Italy Expels Russian Officials After Spies Caught 'Red-Handed'

Italy Expels Russian Officials After Spies Caught 'Red-Handed'

Italy expelled two Russian officials after an Italian navy captain was caught red-handed by police selling secret documents to the Russians.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • The Italian frigate captain was arrested on spying charges after officers tailing him saw him in Rome in a "clandestine meeting" with a Russian military officer.
  • The two men met in a car park, according to media reports. Special operations police stopped them both but arrested only the navy officer, accusing him of passing on "confidential documents" in exchange for money.
  • The Russian, an embassy official, avoided custody thanks to diplomatic immunity, police said.
  • Bulgaria, an EU and NATO member like Italy, expelled two Russian diplomats last week after six people were arrested, including several defense ministry officials, on suspicion of spying for Russia.

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