Japan Scraps Defense Budget Restrictions

Japan Scraps Defense Budget Restrictions

Japan has decided to remove the 1% GDP cap on the defense budget due to China's threat.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • The decision comes after Japan pledged to "bolster its national defense capabilities to further strengthen the alliance and regional security" in a Japan-U.S. joint statement released after a White House summit last month.
  • Whether Japan and the U.S. will revise their defense guidelines to take into account a potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait is not yet clear. Japan's Minister of Defense said that though there are no current plans to do so, "We'll need to adjust to changes in the situation and make changes as needed."
  • Since the 1990s, Japan's defense budget has remained below 1 percent of its GDP, except in 2010, according to The Nikkei.
  • Exceeding 1 percent would be a turning point for Japan's security policy and could cause Beijing to object.

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