Japan Seeks Stronger Cybersecurity Amid China, Russia Threats

Japan Seeks Stronger Cybersecurity Amid China, Russia Threats

The Japanese government on Wednesday compiled a new cybersecurity strategy for the next three years.

Andrew H. Sweet

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato, who heads a special task force on cybersecurity strategies, ordered members at its meeting to "enhance defense, deterrence and assessment capabilities and strengthen cooperation among relevant bodies to protect security interests."

He also urged them to quickly respond when abnormal activities in cyberspace are detected during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games starting July 23.

China criticized Japan's move, saying the new strategy has disregarded basic facts and maliciously exaggerated threats from neighboring countries.

The strategy, which will replace the current one adopted in July 2018, calls for enhancing deterrence through the Japan-U.S. alliance by holding joint exercises of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and U.S. forces.

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