Ministry Thanks UN Envoy For Warning US About PRC

Ministry Thanks UN Envoy For Warning US About PRC

A U.S. draft bill calls on the White House to enhance deterrence against a conflict across the Taiwan Strait and cooperation with allies.

Andrew H. Sweet

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked the U.S. ambassador to the UN for exposing the truth of China’s “shameful behavior” after she condemned Beijing for using vaccine diplomacy to coerce other nations.

China exerts a “malign influence” on the UN that “promotes an authoritarian approach to multilateralism,” Linda Thomas-Greenfield said.

Its tactics include threatening to cut the COVID-19 vaccine supply if countries do not follow China’s lead.

For example, Haiti, a diplomatic ally of Taiwan, has been under “tremendous pressure” by Beijing, she said, calling on Washington to help Taiwan’s allies, as “many of them don’t have the wherewithal to resist the pressure that China is putting on them.”

In addition to Haiti, Beijing has also pressured Taiwanese allies Paraguay and Honduras to swap diplomatic recognition in exchange for vaccines.

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