Moscow Looks To Expand Role In Mideast Peace Process

Moscow Looks To Expand Role In Mideast Peace Process

Official Russian statements on the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas indicate Moscow is looking for a larger diplomatic role.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Russian Foreign Minister restated Moscow's wish to host Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and noted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas expressed a willingness to accept Russian mediation.
  • Russia's power aspirations in the Middle East and diasporic links in Israel have shaped its mediation efforts.
  • As the Syrian civil war winds down, Russia has tried to reinforce its standing as a great power in the MENA region through diplomatic assertiveness in other theaters such as Libya, the Persian Gulf, and Israel-Palestine.
  • Within Russian analyst circles, there is growing optimism about US-Russia cooperation on advancing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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