Myanmar: The Small Embattled Town That Stood Up To The Army

Myanmar: The Small Embattled Town That Stood Up To The Army

Myanmar's military stormed into the town of Mindat, where a local militia group had put up tenacious resistance to the armed forces.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Much of the population fled into the forest after armed forces bombarded the town with mortars and rockets.
  • Mindat's struggle - by a population of fewer than 50,000 people - has inspired protesters across Myanmar, who have been holding daily rallies under the slogan "Mindat Fighting."
  • It is one of many towns in Chin State in western Myanmar where people began protesting against the 1 February military coup. The army overthrew the democratically elected National League for Democracy after alleging electoral fraud.
  • Like other border states with non-Burmese populations, Chin State has experienced years of systematic abuses at the hands of the military, dating back to Myanmar's independence in 1948.
  • The most recent spark that ignited the battle for Mindat was the arrest of seven young activists putting up anti-coup posters in the town.

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