N. Korea Sees Ties With China As 'Fundamentally Distrustful'

N. Korea Sees Ties With China As 'Fundamentally Distrustful'

Andrew H. Sweet

The Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., also said that China is unwilling to solve the North Korean issue as it views Pyongyang through the lens of competition with the United States.

The think tank attributed the deep distrust between Pyongyang and Beijing to the North's "Juche," or self-reliance ideology, and more specifically to historical events, such as the Minsaengdan Incident in the 1930s, a massacre of ethnic Koreans carried out by the Communist Party of China in the name of purging pro-Japanese spies.

It also pointed out that Beijing, unlike Washington, does not want to see regime change in the North as it could promote stronger U.S. influence over the Korean Peninsula.

"Ultimately, it is likely that China would prefer the deAmericanization of the peninsula rather than its denuclearization," it said.

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