N. Korea Test-Fires New Long-Range Cruise Missile

N. Korea Test-Fires New Long-Range Cruise Missile

Andrew H. Sweet

The test-firings, which took place Saturday and Sunday without leader Kim Jong-un in attendance, came right after the North held a scaled-down military parade.  North Korea appeared to demonstrate its military power in a low-level provocation without violating U.N. sanctions.

The missiles "traveled for 7,580 seconds along an oval and pattern-8 flight orbits in the air above the territorial land and waters" in North Korea and "hit targets 1,500 km away," the North's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said.

Experts say the North's newly unveiled weapon resembles the U.S.' long-range Tomahawk and South Korea's Hyunmoo-3C cruise missiles.

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