NZ Man Facing Extradition To China

NZ Man Facing Extradition To China

New Zealand’s top court left open the possibility that a man could be extradited to China to face murder charges in a landmark case that has big diplomatic implications.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • It remains uncertain whether the extradition of Kim Kyung-yup will proceed in a case that has already dragged on for more than a decade.
  • The dispute hinges on whether New Zealand can be assured that Kim would get a fair trial if he is sent to China and would not be tortured. New Zealand does not have an extradition treaty with China.
  • The 3-2 split decision found that it was possible for New Zealand to get sufficient assurance from China about Kim’s welfare, partially overturning an earlier appeals court ruling.
  • Assurances could include confirmation that representatives could visit Kim at least every 48 hours during the investigation and that the trial takes place in Shanghai.

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