Official At Japan's LDP Urges Defense Cooperation

Official At Japan's LDP Urges Defense Cooperation

Andrew H. Sweet

An official at Japan's governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) yesterday urged Taiwan, Japan, and the U.S. to establish a mechanism for defense cooperation, as China might increase pressure on Taipei from next year to 2027.

Satellite images showed that China had built a replica of Japan's Kadena Air Base in its Gansu Province, indicating that Beijing sees the base on Okinawa Island as a potential target.

If Beijing seeks to attack Taiwan, it might launch an attack on Okinawa first and use bases on the island to reach targets in Hualien County, which it might not reach as easily from across the Taiwan Strait.

Should Beijing deny commercial vessels access to the waters around Taiwan proper, he said it might cut Japan and South Korea off from fuel imports.  This would result in fuel shortages and soaring prices, severely affecting the Japanese economy.

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