Poland Doubles Troop Contingent On Border With Belarus

Poland Doubles Troop Contingent On Border With Belarus

Andrew H. Sweet

Nearly 6,000 Polish troops will now be guarding the border area with Belarus as the country experiences a surge in migration, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said Tuesday.

The soldiers would be helping bolster the country's border guard. On Saturday, the troop contingent sat at around 3,000.

Poland is experiencing a surge in migrants crossing from Belarus. Its border guarding agency said there had been 612 attempts on Monday alone. Eleven migrants were taken into custody, with 10 of them coming from Iraq.

The agency has warned those attempting to cross from the Belarusian side that illegal attempts at entry are criminal acts. Since the beginning of the month, the border guard has recorded 9,600 attempted crossings into its territory.

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