Poland Says Belarus 'Fully' Controls Migrants After Attempted Breach

Poland Says Belarus 'Fully' Controls Migrants After Attempted Breach

Andrew H. Sweet

The group, estimated at between two and three thousand people and reported to consist mostly of Iraqi Kurds, had approached the border from Belarus.

Footage from the scene seemed to show Belarusian troops accompanying the migrants on the Belarusian side of the border. However, it was not immediately possible to verify the videos, as Polish authorities are keeping reporters out of the area due to a state of emergency.

Videos published by the Polish Defense Ministry also showed people attacking the razor wire with shovels and wire cutters as Polish troops sprayed gas canisters over the fence. Independent Belarus agency reported that migrants managed to destroy the section of the border barrier but that the Polish security forces managed to close the breach by forming a police line.

Lithuania, another E.U. and NATO member bordering Belarus, also said it was moving soldiers to its border regions as migrants gathered on the Belarusian side. Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite said Vilnius would consider declaring a state of emergency in the region on Monday.

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