'Purified': Japan's Hikers Return To Mount Fuji

'Purified': Japan's Hikers Return To Mount Fuji

For a year, the peak of Japan's iconic Mount Fuji has been off-limits because of coronavirus, but now hikers are flocking back to catch the spectacular sunrise above the clouds.

Andrew H. Sweet

Fuji-san, as it is known in Japanese, is the quintessential symbol of the country currently hosting the virus-postponed Tokyo Olympics.

The 3,776-metre (12,388 foot) mountain is about two hours from central Tokyo by train.

It can be seen for miles around and has been immortalized in countless Japanese artworks, including Hokusai's world-famous "Great Wave."

The climbing routes from the fifth station on its slopes to the top are only open from early July to September.

Cycling events occur on and around its slopes, with the steep climbs of the long-distance road race challenging even the fittest athletes in Japan's sweltering summer heat.


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