Putin Hopes Biden Less Impulsive Than Trump

Putin Hopes Biden Less Impulsive Than Trump

In an interview with NBC News, Putin described Biden as a "career man" who spent his life in politics after the "colorful" Trump.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Biden plans to raise a range of US complaints, including over-purported Russian election interference and hacking, in the summit with Putin in Geneva at the end of the President's first foreign trip.
  • Putin had openly admitted that in the 2016 vote, he supported Trump, who had voiced admiration for the Russian leader and notoriously at their first summit appeared to accept his denials of election interference.
  • Biden has said he is under no illusions about Putin and has described him as "a killer" in light of a series of high-profile deaths, including Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov.
  • Asked if he is "a killer," Putin said the term was part of "macho behavior" common in Hollywood.
  • Such discourse "is part of US political culture where it's considered normal. By the way, not here, it is not considered normal here," he said.

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