Putin Says Russia, U.S. Have 'Common Interests' On Climate Change

Putin Says Russia, U.S. Have 'Common Interests' On Climate Change

Moscow and Washington have a shared interest in battling climate change, the Kremlin said, in a rare area of common ground between the rivals.

Andrew H. Sweet

Putin told the former Secretary of State, John Kerry, that Moscow "attaches great importance" to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and "advocates de-politicizing" dialogue on climate change.

Kerry pointed to Russia's role in addressing climate change in the Arctic Council and efforts to end emissions from coal, a State Department statement said.

Putin has made the development of Russia's Arctic region a strategic priority as its ice cover melts, opening up new shipping routes for Moscow.

Climate change is one of the few areas in which the United States and the European Union have said they are ready to engage with Russia amid high tensions over a range of issues, including Ukraine, cyber-attacks, and Moscow's human rights record.

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