Record Backlog Of Cargo Ships At California Ports

Record Backlog Of Cargo Ships At California Ports

Andrew H. Sweet

Retailers and manufacturers have rushed to place orders and restock their inventories, but the global shipping system is struggling to keep up. It's contributed to shortages of children's toys, timber, new clothes, and pet food while also pushing up consumer prices.

Last week, Gene Seroka, head of the Port of LA, warned that a "significant volume" of cargo was "headed our way throughout this year and into 2022".

Some cargo ships have been diverted because of the backlog, which is preventing thousands of containers from being unloaded. But nearby ports like Oakland cannot deal with the volume of trade.

Other ports such as Savannah in Georgia have also seen record shipping congestion, while the nation's second-busiest entry point - New York - said it faced transit issues outside the port.

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