Russian Regulator Blocks Kremlin Critic Alexey Navalny’s Website

Russian Regulator Blocks Kremlin Critic Alexey Navalny’s Website

Authorities move to bar access to websites linked to the opposition leader as parliamentary election nears.

Andrew H. Sweet

Last month, a Russian court approved a prosecutor's request to declare organizations linked to Navalny as "extremist," in effect outlawing them and preventing his allies from taking part in September's election to the State Duma lower house.

Condemning the move, Navalny's team said on social media it expected the authorities would soon target its so-called smart voting website, which advises people how to vote tactically to try to unseat candidates from the ruling United Russia party.

The Kremlin has also upped the pressure on opposition supporters, independent journalists, and human rights activists in Russia ahead of the upcoming poll.

The vote is widely seen as an important part of Putin's efforts to cement his rule before the 2024 presidential election.

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