Taiwan Warns China Of WTO Action

Taiwan Warns China Of WTO Action

Andrew H. Sweet

China's customs administration earlier yesterday said it had repeatedly found pests called Planococcus minor, a type of mealybug, on wax and custard apples from Taiwan.

China had acted unilaterally, without providing scientific evidence, Council of Agriculture (COA) Minister Chen Chi-chung told a news conference, criticizing the announcement's timing, as it came during the Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated in Taiwan and China.

The council would earmark NT$1 billion (US$36.05 million) to help promote domestic sales of wax and custard apples and expand their sales to other overseas markets, Chen said.

He added that other measures would include extending the harvest time for the fruits, which usually begins in December, to enable farmers to sell them for a longer period.

Yesterday was the second time this year that China has halted fruit imports from Taiwan.

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