Turkey Wild Card In US-Russia Conflict Over Syria Aid

Turkey Wild Card In US-Russia Conflict Over Syria Aid

The U.S. administration might be open to a position shift on the Syrian file to secure the flow of cross-border international aid to Syria. This prospect may spoil Turkey's calculations in Syria and particularly in Idlib.

Andrew H. Sweet

As Washington's talks with Moscow have focused on keeping the international aid flowing and reopening border crossings, Turkey holds a key position in the negotiations.

International humanitarian aid flowed through four border crossings on the Jordanian border under a UN Security Council decision.

The most pressing issue in the negotiations is keeping the Cilvegozu/Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Turkish border open.

A UN Security Council mandate to keep the crossing open will end by July 10, amid warnings by civic groups of a looming catastrophe.

Turkey, which has a critical position in the decision-making process over which crossings will be used for the flow of humanitarian aid, also stands as the main interlocutor in a possible Russian-American reconciliation.

Turkey opposes reopening al-Yarubiyah on the grounds that the aid flowing through the crossing will help the Kurdish-led administration in northeast Syria.

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