Turkish Mafia Scandal Threatens Erdogan Government

Turkish Mafia Scandal Threatens Erdogan Government

A Turkish mafia leader claims the government is in cahoots with the criminal underworld. President Erdogan and Interior Minister Soylu are finding themselves in hot water.

Andrew H. Sweet
  • Turkish mafia boss Sedat Peker has published five videos on YouTube in which he claims that high-profile politicians from Turkey's ruling AKP party are involved in serious crimes.
  • The clips, which have gone viral and are making headlines, claim leading lawmakers were involved in malfeasance, murders, rapes, drug trafficking, and other illicit practices.
  • Peker alleges the Turkish government has spent the past years shielding him from persecution, even issuing police escorts to guarantee his safety.
  • The Mafioso claims Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu tipped him off that authorities were on his case, allowing him to flee Turkey and escape prosecution. This allegation has put the minister under considerable pressure. Peker fled abroad in January 2020.
  • Without a full investigation into the accusations, nobody knows whether there is any truth to the allegations

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